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Decor tailor made for the entire home

30/06/2015 - corporate

Decor tailor made for the entire home

Vittoria Frigerio does not create mere furniture collections. Instead, hers is a highly personal philosophy of living the home, which translates into a way of life whose focus is the pleasure of immersing oneself in an environment capable of reflecting both class and elegance. Here lies the peculiarity of the concept underpinning all the furniture and accessory creations by Vittoria Frigerio: creating environments with character, complete in every part, so as to allow everyone to decorate their own room, or even a whole home, by combining the many different elements as well as colors, shapes and materials in complete freedom. The object of this claim is to achieve a harmonious whole that is both lively and original, reflecting the nature of the home dwellers, with an elegance that is never obvious or overstated.

The Vittoria Frigerio collection was born out of an idea (or was it perhaps the stuff of dreams), namely, to shape the interiors of entires homes, creating large and small worlds in which the harmony and balance of the bigger picture is reflected above all in the smaller sartorial details. These are in fact the silver thread that runs through the various furnishings and bringing them together in a unique tapestry of elegance.
Against a backdrop of subtle natural colors and high-end materials, what makes the Vittoria Frigerio furnishing philosophy so unique is without a doubt the knowing refinement of the pairings, along with a desire to create an exclusive style that is also instantly recognizable and whose strength is built upon the perfection of the details. To name a few examples, the lavish zippers decorating the upholstered items, the quilted upholstery motif found on different furnishing accessories, and exquisite embroidery (also in contrasting tones). Borrowed from the world of fine tailoring and dressmaking, these stylish solutions feature a playful lightness of touch that is always attractive and never irreverent.

Indeed the parallel with the world of fine tailoring and dress-making adapted to furniture, is what best expresses the concept at the heart of the Vittoria Frigerio collections: the desire to decorate the entire home much like a haute couture dress embellishes its wearer, without neglecting even the tiniest detail. So, from the largest furnishings to the smallest accessories, without forgetting the exquisite wood-paneling, the ensemble is one of refined and truly customized harmony,